Standard Elaboration Steps

          ACFS has set up eight-steps for elaboration of standard, which are transparent and well accepted by all parties. The procedures are as follows:

          1) Prioritization of issues or items be standardized
          2) Appoint a technical committee to consider draft.
          3) Set up the draft standard.
          4) Propose to the committee for consideration.
          5) Hearing of opinion from all concerned parties
          6) Submit to a scrutiny committee, then ACFS Board
          7) Notify to WTO notify other countries (in case of compulsory standards)
          8) Declare in the Royal Gazette

          The most important step is the third one - Set up the draft standard - which requires information gathering, studies and research, for instance, studies on quality characteristic - of products for.of agricultural products and to set up criteria for GAP, risk assessment studies on safety and sanitation. Some information derives from works of some related agencies, namely Department of Agriculture, Department of Fishery, Department of Livestock Development. But sometimes available information is insufficient and ACFS has to fill in the gap by initiating its own research to provide more sufficient information.

          The fifth step, hearing of opinion from all concerned parties, is also very crucial. ACFS usually organizes a public hearing forum for all sides from farmers, processors dealers, exporters and consumers to discuss on any complications of the standards.